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Josh Baze has revealed the cover art for his new album, Colour Blind, which drops June 10. The album includes songs "Whatever, Whenever," "Your Touch," and "I Swear" and will available at major retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy in addition to iTunes.

Check out the cover art for Colour Blind below.


Check out a sneak peek of "Whatever, Whenever" below.

Josh Baze broke onto the scene in 2012 with his debut album, High Heels & Low-Lifes. He has drawn early comparisons to Kanye West and Jay-Z with his lyrical style, so it’s no wonder that he counts them as major influences on his music. But he’s no ordinary rapper – Baze considers himself a multi-genre artist and counts opera and rock music as inspirations. 

"I’m just a regular kid out of Brooklyn, NY who’s living the American dream," Josh told iHeartRadio at the time. "I’m not afraid to branch out to separate Josh Baze from the ordinary hip hop world… Instead of talking about chains and ice and stuff like that, people need to inspire people."

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