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A relative of Kobe Bryant just released a book that sounds waaaay too close to real life for the Black Mamba...

Kobe Bryant's cousin Gail B Williams' new book, Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen, tells the story of high school basketball phenom turned NBA superstar King Jackson and his conniving mother and the family fallout after he marries a young Spanish girl against her wishes.

Peep the excerpt... 

King Jackson, a high school phenom turned NBA basketball superstar is on a downward spiral. The only son of Donald and Naomi Jackson, who perfectly planned every step of his life from his junior year in high school, now, finds himself in situations he can’t buy himself out of.
With the help of his conniving mother, together they have alienated everyone in their path, even each other at some point, but now he is forced to decide if he should trust her and let her back into his life during his darkest hour.
His two sisters, Dana and Lena, have lived in the shadow of his success throughout his career and now decide that they have had enough of him and go their own way even if it is in his time of need.
King’s family is turned completely upside down when he falls in love with a young Spanish girl named Neila Cruz, and marries her way to quickly for their taste. All the while never telling his high school sweetheart Danielle that their relationship was over. They voice their outrage every chance they get until King reaches his breaking point and disowns his family to protect his new wife, while Danielle tries every way she knows how to contact King and get closure.
King’s mother, who never thought her husband Donald could ever take care of her the way her wealthy son could, sets her plan in motion to win back King and his money that she had become so accustomed to, not knowing that at the same time someone close to her is plotting her destruction to finally rid their self of Naomi and her greedy and conniving ways.
One night of cheating, King’s ego and a family secret will set in motion a chain of events that will change his life forever. He will quickly learn that all the people he disowned on the way up he will have to face on his path to destruction and realize that they are not to quick to give him a second chance…