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We heard about this watch back in April and now the ads for it are here!  Just in time for Christmas — if you have an extra $25K laying around.  The watch is dope, but most NBA fans aren’t going to be able to cop one with that price tag.  Check out the new ad & details of the watch after the jump…




Ad photo via DarrenRovell



Kobe seems to genuinely like the watch though it will be a bit more time before he is well-acquainted with the brand. As Hublot prefers to do, at some point in the future, Kobe will no doubt make his way to Nyon to check out the growing Hublot manufacture. Expect to see the limited edition of 250 pieces King Power Black Mamba watch in stores soon, as well as Kobe’s persona in some Hublot advertising. Price for the piece will be $25,