Established record executive and now author, Steve Stoute came by to talk to the Breakfast Club. Steve's successful book, The Tanning of America has now been turned into VH1 docu-series which features a handful of music professionals. 

Here are 12 facts that we've learned about Steve:

1. Believes that the N-word is supposed to be used in terms of culture, if you’re not apart of the culture, you shouldn’t be using the word.

2. Money used to be motivator for him, but project-driven goals get him going.

3. Can never say anything bad about Kanye and other controversial people because in reality they keep him employed.

4. He interviewed people such as Nas and Dr. Dre for his new VH1 docu-series, The Tanning of America.

5. Thinks that even though labels are signing artists to 360 deals, the labels don’t have that "360 ability."

6. Macklemore didn’t make his acceptance speech the right way and should have made his comments about Kendrick Lamar on stage rather than social media.

7. Very supportive of artists and/or entrepreneurs from Queens, NY.

8. Thinks that in order to improve WorldstarHipHop, there needs to be ratings on the videos posted.

9. Says that 50 Cent can’t stand him even though he gave him his first record deal.

10. Believes that an artists biggest record is the beginning of the end… like 50 Cent

11. In terms of the beefs between artists, it's now compared to the WWE. In short, the more beefs that exsist, the more that the artists gets rewarded.

12. He's been friends with Nas for over 20 years

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