Juicy J is burning up on the Billboard Charts once again with his feature with Katy Perry, "Dark Horse."

Juicy's happy to be back in the mainstream spotlight again but he goal he'd like to achieve outside of performing. "I'd like to be like L.A. Reid," Juicy affirmed.

He's hoping to take his relationship with artists to the next level and be in a position to sign checks. In a perfect world, he'd be the man in power for a major company and tell A&R's which artists to go and sign. 

To that point, The Breakfast Club joked if he'd even be able to stay in one place for that long. Juicy J laughed as well, but a glimmer in his eyes showed that he's serious about his long-term goal and will find a way to make it work.

Catch the full interview now:

Photos: Juicy J With The Breakfast Club