Danielle “Taystee” from Orange is The New Black a popular Netflix exclusive series spoke to the Breakfast Club about the new season.

While dedicated fans of the show are excited to hear about it’s return (6/6) which was on year-long hiatus, they’ll be even more shocked to discover that Danielle’s character started as a guest. That’s right, producers of the show only planned for Taystee to appear on Season 1 for only a few episodes. 

Luckily, her role was bumped up to a permanent one and she turned up for most of the first season!

“When I had gotten the script, it said that my character was only supposed to be there for two episodes. And then from there it started to develop into six/seven [episodes]. Until I was on there fro like ten or eleven episodes of season one. Then they made me a series regular this season.”

Let’s see how her character develop during the second season which is available for viewing on Netflix now.

See the full interview now:

PHOTOS: Danielle 'Taystee' Brooks With The Breakfast Club