Sundy Carter is ready to join Basketball Wives LA for another season even though she go into a fight with Draya. 

Surprisingly, Sundy doesn't give Draya any credit for her infamous black eye because she has footage that proves it was from Malaysia.

"I got a black eye but Malaysia did it. While I was being restrained as a matter of fact. Pretty much [they jumped me in that episode]. 

"John Salley is a liar just about that [who punched me]. I have an uncut version I can show you right now. That's probably against my contract right now. No, I'm not going to show it. There's a clause in my contract basically saying there's a no violence clause. When we got into the argument, I'll take the hit first. 'Cause like I said, I am from Philly. So, I've been in fist fights. I', like she [Draya] has claw nails, she can't ball up and do anything. She [Draya] hit me on the side of my ear. If that black my eye, then ok. I did not know she wasn't the person that black my eye until my mom showed me the same footage you guys saw and slowed it down. She said 'this is how you got your black eye.'"


Photo Credit: Power 105.1

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