PHOTOS: Black Nativity Cast In-Studio

Tyrese Gibson, Luke James and Jacob Latimore the stars of the upcoming movie 'Black Nativity' stopped through to chat with the Breakfast Club. Tyrese described the movie as "It's a holiday family movie about forgiveness, love, a bunch of family secrets are revealed. We're singing a lot of the stuff that we feel in this movie."

USA Today recently called 'The Best Man Holiday' a racially themed movie and Charlamagne Tha God asked the cast "How do black films get out of the box of being called racially themed and black themed and urban films?"

Tyrese went on to say "The concept of black and racially themed movies says a lot about some folks that may be a little uncomfortable about what feels like this sudden interest in black cinema. Cuz [sic] we're on the other side of $100 plus million and it's happening a lot. And arguably old, racist Hollywood practices would say that when you have a predominantly black cast they don't really do that well. You have to put a whole lot of others in there and then a few token Negros in there...

That's why I love movies like this as well as the Fast and the Furious franchise. One of the unspoken reasons why I feel the Fast & the Furious is successful is that everybody can show up to the movies and see somebody on camera that they can identify with...

All of that type of stuff is starting to be real taboo and kinda [sic] like throw out the window. Well if it's an urban movie then it's going to cater to an urban audience. All of that stuff is starting to be thrown out the window which is great."

The guys must have had a blast shooting this movie because they constantly took shots at each other during this interview. Tyrese even revealed Luke's credit card number for those less fortunate to take advantage during the holidays.

Check out the interview below.