Well guys I hope you’re ready. I’m a 23 year old father and I grew up without my father. I vowed to be in my son’s life until my last heart beat. I recently met my father when I was 18. At first I was nervous because I lived so long without him. We hung out and I introduced him to my friends and the woman I was dating. She was 21 at the time. Fast forward to earlier this year. After I separated from the mother of my son I reunited with my ex. Around that time my father came to visit. I told him he could stay at my place. I came home from work to hear moaning and I thought “Hmm pops must have found one of my neighbors." As I walked to the shower after work, to my surprise it was my girlfriend so that day I ended both relationships. I’m back with the mother of my son. Now my dad wants to fix our relationship and have a bond. What should I do? All I know is he is not meeting my fiancée.