Hello Steve and Shirley!

Love the show! My mother and I listen to it everyday on the way to work (separate cars of course.) I have an issue. The woman that I am falling in love with is living with her ex-boyfriend of four years. They share an apartment even though 90% of everything is in her name. He does her wrong, talks down to her, refuses to pay his half of the rent and other bills, and overall treats her like crap. This guy doesn’t like me and without saying I don’t like him. I really want her to kick him out but her defense of him is “he has no where to go,” as if that’s my problem. I love her and want to be able to do things for her but she and I can't even talk on the phone in the morning because he sleeps on the couch and is very nosey as to who she is speaking to. I can't come to visit her but whenever I try to we can't even go to her apartment, she has to come to my home. I want to be with her, but it doesn't look like this guy is going anywhere anytime soon and this is ruining my feelings for her. What do I do?

PS: she and I have dated in the past and this is kind of a rekindling of the hearts.