Hey Shirley, Steve, and Nephew!

I’m 18 and in love. I meet this special someone on this social media site called “Tagged.” One late night I just got off work I received a message from her. Since then, I knew she was the woman of my dreams! She’s makes me feel good and special. Yes, we always arguing and getting in to it but it made us closer. Months later she went away for personal reasons and that time I was talking to my ex on “Kik” but nothing serious! She felt some kind of way and I understand that was a strike against me. A lot of stuff has came between us and we been on and off before so months later we split for like a week or two. I found somebody on Instagram because I was so desperate looking for that love that she gave me. I met this girl on Instagram, she lived in California. I like her and everything but to be honest she reminded me of my ex! Crazy huh? We lasted for three months.. But in between that time my ex and I got back together. They didn’t know about each other. She found out I cheated and she left me for one month so me and the Cali girl was still talking. She was spoiled, so whatever she needed or wanted financially I gave it to her. I’m talking like 100 to 200 dollars every two weeks “she was asking for it.” So I left her! I called my ex back and asked for her help and I told her what happended but not all of it! I didn’t tell her I was giving the other girl money I told her she was just taking my money but in reality I was just giving her money! Before she found out the truth, I gave her the other girl number and she texted her and called her all kinds of names. The Cali girl has saved text messages of me offering her money and even a text to marry her and that hurt so bad! When that happened she was hurt to the core and she left me for good!!! She even said she don’t love me no more! What do I do? She even got another boyfriend and taking care of his child. I love this girl with all my heart. What do I do? HELP ME!!!!!