Good Morning! My issue concerns my boyfriend and female friendships. I’m not anti-female friendships; however I have had many bad experiences in my past were guys have crossed boundaries in this area. My boyfriend hasn't crossed any boundaries but there are some things I am concerned about. Since he transferred to an out of state school he has made a girl best friend. There is nothing wrong with that but since we are long distance when school is in sometimes I feel that he would allow her to fill the void during my absence. Now he’s getting an apartment and he needs a trust worthy roommate and his parents suggested her. I was more than upset. For one, his parents disapprove of us spending the night together because we aren't married but she has been suggested to room with him??? Next, that opens room for temptation. After a huge argument he dropped the whole idea. However I still feel uneasy and even more untrusting. I don’t want to end up in a situation like my past ones but I don’t want to ruin our relationship due me worrying about the past repeating itself. Please help!