I have a friend who uses her son to get back at his father. The father does so much for the both of them, however she doesn't appreciate a thing. This past Father's Day, he knew he wasn't getting anything from his son. The mother has told him in the past that he ain't her father, so she ain't getting him nothing on behalf of his son. I believe that since the father doesn't want to be in a relationship with her, she feels the need to hurt him, like she's been hurt. This is so wrong and such a waste of time and energy. What I want to say to her is, make it about your son and less about you and why you feel the way you do. Let go! Love your son enough to leave your immature and hurt feelings, cause, it ain't about YOU! What would it hurt to buy a card for your son's father. Acknowledge the father and all that he does. There are so many men out there who can give a darn, about their child. SMH! Your son will end up resenting you and your ways, for spoiling what could have been a wonderful relationship with his father. Get over your selfishness, and grow up and be the mother you need to be to raise a decent boy. Shame on women who hold their children as pons in their game of power! If you don't want me then, I'll make sure you'll pay, using the only leverage I have, your son.