Hi Steve and Shirley,

Should I run for the hills and cut all losses with this guy? I’ve been talking to this guy for about two months and everything seemed great. When asked about his last relationship, he said that they were together longer than they needed to be, but they stayed because they were comfortable. They dated for five years and she lived with him. Red flags started to rise, but as most do, I left it alone because obviously he was in to me now. He lives some hours away, so when I visit, I spend a couple of days at a time with him. At his house I’ve noticed that some of her small stuff is still there, like a lip gloss in the arm rest and body wash in the shower, that I know he doesn’t use. But again I just left it alone. They had only broken up a month or so before I met him, so maybe she left the small stuff behind. During my last visit, I noticed that his dresser and sofa were missing and he told me that she had come and pick them up. Nothing to really raise flags, but that night, unlike most, we didn’t go anywhere that we would really be seen. When we watched “About Last Night” he looked really sad on the part when Debbie and Danny broke up. So I asked if it had anything to do with his breakup with his ex and he asked me how could he not feel some type of sadness, since they were together five years and lived together. After the movie his mood seemed to change. He was less affectionate and he was distant. When I got back home, he was still distant. He used to call me every night and now he doesn’t. He used to be affectionate through texts and made me feel that talking to me made him excited. Now I don’t feel that way. So please let me know if I am just being dramatic or is he showing me signs that I need to get out of this?