The sexy, the bold, and the beautiful (he is in my eyes lol) Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a Game has recently started putting up photos on his instagram of a little girl who looks around the same age as his oldest son Harlem Taylor, and has been referring to her as his daughter. Well just as every post does, this stirred up a lot of questions accusations and just pure chaos on Game's instagram page as well as Madison's (his daughter).

You have people wanting to know if she was conceived with a side chick, then you have people saying her mom has "7" children and the game adopted Madison to assist her, THEN you also have people going in on Games ex finance and mother of his two youngest (Cali and Justice Taylor), Tiffany Cambridge for doing an interview in which she basically called Madison a charity case and also referred to Game as a "Showman." 

Smh People always have to come with some bull sh*t! Why not applaud and appreciate that man. Not only is he an excellent father to his biological children, but he also is man enough and has a big enough heart to reach out to and care for another man's child who has been absent her entire life. Its like your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Men get blasted all the time for being "deadbeats" but then when you have a man being not just a father, but a dad to his own plus one, you still blast him etc.!?! That is a shame; where is the love and appreciation?

Read Games address (Massacre) to the B.S. here


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