Is there trouble in paradise? All the buzz lately has been about the rumored break-up that's on the way for the pair. Also, they should be careful of who they decide to call "friends" because their "friends" have been the ones spilling all the tea about them. The so-called friends of the power couple told magazines that the couple is having major marriage issues due to the fact that Jay just cant keep it in his pants. Not to mention, the word is that the reason Salonge went off on King Hov in the elevator after the Met Gala was because she caught him disrespecting Bey and flirting with another woman! Nevertheless, the couple is rumored to call it quits after the final show of the On The Run Tour (FYI: so far, the show has allegedly brought in $100 milli since it's first show...get that money). For more of the hottest celeb gossip and fashion tips follow @TheLiliShow on instagram and Facebook.