If you missed the #LAHHATL Reunion last night then you might've missed one of the messiest reunion shows thus far. To start things off, host Sommore brought Lil Scrappy to the stage along with Bambi, Momma Dee, Erika D and Erika Pinkett. He was questioned about his friendship with Erika Pinkett, his relationship with the BAM and we also found out that he's been creepin' around with baby mama Erika D. 

Also, Kirk and Rasheeda spoke on their solved relationship issues and their rekindled love. If you ask me, Rasheeda should've turned up on Kirk a LONG time ago but let me mind my business. 

Last but not least we can't forget about the messiest of them all, Stevie J and Joseline. The drama popped of the minute they hit the stage! Benzino accused Stevie J and Joseline of using cocaine and the fists went flying! To find out how the messiness ends, catch part 2 of the reunion next Monday!