In a recent video apart of Lil Wayne's web series "Weezy Wednesdays", he explains why side chicks be winning.

We are all aware that the phrase "wifey material" means slim to none now days due to the likes of side chicks. In today's society it can almost be considered an honor to be someones side chick, becasue "they be winning", really and truly. Some of the most notable winners are, Lil Kim, Angelina Jolie, Fantasia, Karriene "Superhead" Steffans, and Joseline Hernandez, just to name a few. There are even TV shows (Scandal, Olivia Pope) praising their existence. These ladies have won for various reasons, marriage, babies, financial gain, fame etc. But the question remains, why? Why would a man give himself, his time, and sometimes even his heart to a woman with no standards or morals, a woman who has not been his strength and support like his wife or the woman he claims?

Check out the video link above for Lil Wayne's version on why it's so major to have a side chick.


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