F.L.O. | For Locals Only

Due to the overwhelming response from the many talented local artists, it's time to take F.L.O. to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Submissions will only be accepted if the following criteria are met:

  • Song submitted in wav. format ONLY
  • Song is radio edited
  • Song is mixed and mastered
  • Artist can prove ownership of song
  • Artist owns performance name
  • Artist is a part of a legitimate business entity
  • Song is/will soon be available for sale

Until the aforementioned date, we will chose titles from already submitted songs.

Around 8:30pm-9:30pm Monday-Friday make sure you vote for your favorite F.L.O. artists below as our top four artists battle it out to be the F.L.O artist of the night. DJ Sir RJ will announce play the winning artists track around 9:35pm during his show!

Now you know...get ready!


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